Ongoing Assessment to Support Data-Driven Decisions

Galileo Pre-K enables multi-method, standards-based, authentic assessment of children from infancy through 5 years via observation in the child’s learning environment, one-on-one observation, work samples, and parent input. Galileo is backed by ATI's research program which establishes, on a continuous basis, the reliability, validity, and psychometric properties of Galileo assessment scales. Assessment tools within Galileo Pre-K Online are fully integrated with curriculum and reporting tools that provide users with valid, reliable data on which to base lesson planning for individuals and groups. Galileo reports can be generated at various levels of aggregation to support the tracking and documentation of child progress towards standards mastery and school readiness. Galileo Pre-K can support the goals of early childhood programs by providing:

  • An authentic observational assessment system for birth through 5 years that includes research-based assessment scales to measure cognitive, social, and physical development
  • Readiness levels (i.e. Learned, Plan Now, Plan Soon, and Plan Later) for every scale goal which identify the capabilities each child is likely ready to learn next. These levels offer information which can establish initial developmental profiles that help teachers record and monitor learning throughout the year as well as guide developmentally appropriate lesson planning
  • Comprehensive and adaptable developmental assessment using psychometric analyses to establish reliability and validity of assessment instruments Support for ongoing assessment in the child's natural environment
  • Organized assessment data from multiple sources, such as teacher observations, parent input, and classroom projects, into one integrated development profile
  • Programs the ability to add or delete scale indicators, create new scales, modify scales for local interests or special needs, and translate any scale into a different language
  • A Developmental Screening scale for children ages 3 through 5 years to help teachers identify children who may be at risk of developmental delay
  • Anecdotal note taking capabilities to help create consistent, clear records which may be provided through the Galileo Pre-K Parent Center, a secure area within Galileo Pre-K Online where parents can access up-to-date information about a child’s learning and classroom experiences