Preschool Classrooms


As children grow, the type and content of learning activates and the physical care needed are obviously changing.  The size and type of furniture in the classrooms changes, although the Discovery Area concept is present in all Preschool and Prekindergarten classrooms.  Our classrooms are spacious, permitting children to work and play in each of the learning areas during the day.  

Our staff observes the children daily to assess the types and levels of skills they put into practice each day, recording this information in our Galileo Assessment software.  Based on our knowledge of child development, we know which skills the children need to gain as foundations for later learning;  activities to challenge children to acquire new skills are planned to be fun, playful times.   Our goal is to make every day a special day for every child.

Children will acquire new skills in these areas:

  • Cognitive  (Examples are ‘identify colors and shapes’, ‘describe pictures with multiple words’ and ‘identifies like and different objects’)
  • Language  (Examples are ‘uses correct word endings like ing’, ‘uses multiple words in sentences’ and ‘learns letters and numbers’)
  • Fine Motor  (Examples are ‘strings beads on a string’, ‘draws line to connect dots’ and ‘moves abacus beads along wire’)
  • Gross Motor  (Examples are ‘throws 9” ball 5 feet’, ‘hops on 1 foot’ and ‘stands on balance beam’)
  • Socialization  (Examples are ‘engages in cooperative play’, ‘follows game rules’ and ‘sits at table for meals and art’)
  • Self Care  (Examples are ‘cleans up spills’, washes hands with soap and water’ and ‘puts away toys’)
  • Emotional  (Examples are ‘verbalizes feelings’, accepts corrections from adult’ and ‘self-confidence in new situations’)

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Children will become self-aware as they learn about their body parts and how other children are like or different.  

We strive to make every day a special day for every child!