Infant Care Program


Our infant program maintains very high standards for providing daily physical care for each child on their own schedule.  Our goal is to be an extension of your home, so we pick up your child’s schedule as you drop him or her off in our center, then maintain your schedule for your baby throughout the day.

By age 5 most of the personality & character traits that your child will exhibit as an adult have been developed.  We believe there is no time to lose in helping each child become a happy and well-adjusted grownup!  While we endeavor to make every day a positive growth experience, we want each day to be a special fun day full of smiles.

As we provide care, we are doing developmental assessment as a wonderful tool to guide us in providing just the right experiences for your baby.  Our goal is to help your baby reach each milestone in growth with every advantage for later skill development.   We use the Galileo Assessment Tool, which is an online software program wherein we track the skills your baby develops from day to day, week to week.

Click here for more information about the Galileo program.

Our first priority is to provide a very high standard of physical care by feeding, changing diapers, physical contact and language modeling minute by minute.  Physical needs must be fully satisfied for higher levels of development to occur.  Doing so in a safe environment prepares your child for learning to love and trust.  We know, through observation, the next skills we will help your baby develop.

We will know exactly how to interact with your baby for the best growth achievement as days and weeks go by.  To summarize our program, we help your baby develop skills in several skill set areas:

  • Cognitive  (Examples are ‘waves bye-bye’, ‘responds to games like peek-a-boo’ and squeezes toy to make sounds’)
  • Language  (Examples are ‘moves head and eyes to locate sound’, responds with coos & babbles’ and ‘learns & uses basic sign language)
  • Fine Motor  (Examples are ‘grasps objects’, ‘holds toys with both hands’ and ‘points to objects)
  • Gross Motor  (Examples are ‘lifts head 90 degrees’, ‘rolls over’ and ‘crawls’)
  • Socialization  (Examples are ‘smiles when spoken to’, discriminates strangers’ and ‘touches image in mirror’)
  • Self Care  (Examples are ‘sucks food from spoon’, ‘holds food in hands’ and ‘brings objects to mouth’)

We provide an information sheet listing the events of the day when you arrive each day to pick up your child, with nap times, diaper changes, what and how much was eaten, etc.

Our staff teachers are selected based on their ability to provide this high standard of care and learning interaction each day.  We provide loving care from Christian hearts to every baby in our care.  

You will feel a sense of confidence when you leave your tiny person in our care while you are at work!