Toddler Classrooms


It may seem like yesterday when your ‘baby’ was born, but now he or she is a Toddler!  Our toddler program maintains very high standards for providing physical care for each child as their schedules begin to coalesce to one.  We maintain the flexibility for individual variances as needed for naps and diaper changes, but we also begin to learn about our environment as we talk about weather, day of the week and special events like birthdays.  Classrooms are equipped with Discovery Areas for learning and play, including Home Living, Blocks & Manipulatives, Music, Science, Language and others.

Within this playful classroom setting, we observe and assess the developmental skills of each child, using the Galileo Assessment Tool.  This is an online software program that identifies skills in several skill set areas:

  • Cognitive  (Examples are ‘sorts distinctively different objects’, ‘searches for hidden object’, and carries out directions with 1 or 2 steps’)
  • Language  (Examples are ‘points to objects when identified’, understands and uses more and more vocabulary words’ and ‘responds appropriately to action verbs like stand, sit, roll over’)
  • Fine Motor  (Examples are ‘holds crayons’, places objects in a cup’ and ‘unscrews lids on jars’)
  • Gross Motor  (Examples are ‘walks pushing a chair’, ‘steps over 4” object’ and ‘walks sideways’)
  • Socialization  (Examples are ‘releases object when asked’, plays house’ and ‘uses please & thank you’)
  • Self Care  (Examples are ‘drinks from sippy cup’, ‘wets hands to wash’ and ‘takes spoon to mouth’)
  • Emotional  (Examples are ‘expresses joy with another child’, ‘has tantrums’ and wants to do things ‘by myself’)

Click here for more information about the Galileo program.

The teachers chosen to work with toddlers are persons with special talent for managing the frequent emotional displays as they care for the physical needs of each child.  Within the classroom, children have freedom to play alone in the various Discovery Areas, or come together for ‘circle time’, stories and games.  As children develop new skills, our assessment program helps identify activities that will encourage each child to try new things that require additional skills.  We work to enable your child to develop positive personality and character traits, to be happy and well-adjusted to life.

While we have daily communication with parents all year long, the anecdotal journaling for each child becomes the basis for formal parent-teacher conferences twice per year.  We provide an information sheet listing the events of the day when you arrive each day to pick up your child, with nap times, diaper changes, what and how much was eaten, etc. You will feel a sense of confidence when you leave your tiny person in our care while you are at work!